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Jenbrook Farm

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The Birth Place of Melaleuca alternifolia

The Bungawalbin Valley, located in the northern rivers of New South Wales, has been identified as the birthplace of Melaleuca alternifolia and naturally contains the ideal eco system for Australian tea tree to thrive.


Jenbrook farm is nestled at the heart of this region and is surrounded by old-growth forest, thriving with ancient Melaleuca alternifolia mother trees and other native Australian botanicals.

Jenbrook Australia's premium tea tree products capture thousands of years of Melaleuca alternifolia history and, most importantly, remain true to the original native species.

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Jenbrook Farm grows, harvests and distills two premium, certified organic tea tree oils.

Wild-Crafted Tea Tree Oil

Sustainably harvested from wild tea trees growing in the old-growth forest on our farm.
Our most premium offering, this tea tree oil is harvested in small batches. 

Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Machine harvested from healthy tea tree crops growing in the plantation area of our farm.
Harvested from April to September (approx) in commercial quantities. 

Did you know we also offer Tea Tree Hydrosol and Tea Tree Extract?

Hydrosol is a water-based by-product of the steam distillation process. Hydrosols are mostly water, and while they are much less concentrated than essential oils, they have a softer, more subtle scent and application.

Our tea tree hydrosols are commonly used as facial and body mists, in toner formulations and as a water substitute in other cosmetic formulations.

Plant extraction is a process that aims to extract certain water-soluble components present in plants. Jenbrook are a distributor of Native Extract's "true to nature" cellular extractions, which deliver the natural molecules tea tree can offer in a water-soluble format.

Extracts are most commonly found in water-based  cosmetic preperations.

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Committed to Quality

Since 1989 Jenbrook Farm has been committed to producing the world's most premium certified organic

tea tree products.


We have invested time and resources into ensuring sustainable and ethical farming practices are in place at Jenbrook farm, and our efforts are ever evolving.

It is our responsibility to conserve the old-growth forest on our farm and interact with the land in a way which encourages regeneration.


Ready to learn more about our Tea Tree Oil?

Submit your enquiry here and a team member will contact you 

Our farm sets the standard for the other botanicals we source and supply from partners.

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