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Sustainable Farming. 

What goes around comes around, and at Jenbrook, our sustainability efforts come full circle to contribute to our thriving ecosystem.


We acknowledge the need to do better continuously; therefore, we are constantly upgrading techniques and equipment as we move toward an entirely sustainable operation.

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It is our responsibility to conserve the old growth forest on our farm and interact with the land in a way which encourages regeneration.



With employed systems to track and trace all processes from farm to customer, Jenbrook aims to simplify traceability and transparency by owning the entire process from seed to dispatch of our organic tea tree products.

Jenbrook also distributes raw ingredients sourced from other Australian farms and suppliers. When choosing to partner with a farm, we first vet their processes against the very standards we employ at Jenbrook Farm. We are proud to work with farmers and suppliers who maintain strict traceability measures to ensure the high quality of their raw ingredients.

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